Hospitality Plumbing


Are your maintenance issues effecting how your customers view your venue?
Broken toilets, taps not working

- if so read on -


CRH Australia now offers a range of Plumbing & Mechanical services Tailor made to the hospitality industry.

As Australia’s largest supplier of Hospitality Hardware we have access to the hardware required to fix and maintain your venue now! No more waiting for parts to come in, or trades people spending their time looking for parts all while billing you for their time. Check out our web site, to see the full range of products that are in stock now and remember because we are the importer you save money by dealing direct.

What services do we provide?


  •   Repair broken toilets
  •   Urinals, tap fittings; unblock drains
  •   Commercial tap ware
  •   All general plumbing services.


Mechanical Services

  •   Coolroom repairs
  •   Latches
  •   Hinges
  •   General maintenance


With our background in the hospitality industry we understand the damage that can be done over just one weekend.

Feel free to call one of our technicians now on 0431 556 433 to discuss your requirements.

Tony O Donoghue
Director Sales & Marketing