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  • Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Adjustable Feet For Machinery and Benching.

There’s more choice than ever when it comes to making sure that your machinery or benching is on a stable and vibration free platform. Uneven floors and or tables that rock are not only annoying, machinery that moves can become a serious safety issue. Adjustable legs are the solution. 

New Zealand based company A-Justa-Foot designs and manufactures a range of stainless steel, mild steel, and composite feet designed for use in food manufacturing, industrial, or any application that requires a stable and vibration free footing.  Available in a variety of sizes, from M6 through to M24 the adjustable legs are available with ball joints for up to 10% angle adjustment or fixed 90 degrees.

The heavy duty stainless steel range for commercial and industrial applications can take some serious weight. With load ratings up to 4500Kg and 100% stainless material constructions, use them for supporting food manufacturing or medical equipment in areas that the regulations call for stainless steel.

Uneven tables in your restaurant? Coffee machine rocking on the bench? The lighter duty, fixed angle range make perfect adjustable furniture feet or an excellent base for light machinery. Dishwashers, light benching, coolroom shelving would all benefit from A-Justa-Foot. 

To make your life simple, A-Justa-Foot offers a range of threaded round and square tube inserts in all the standard sizes. 

Full range of CRH Australia’s Feet and Tube inserts available here: https://www.crh.com.au/products/equipment-legs-feets-tube-closures

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