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  • Friday, 17 November 2017

Choosing The Right Coolroom Shelving

CRH Australia Coolroom Shelving

It would be a difficult task for the buyer tasked with acquiring new shelving for business’ coolroom, kitchen or storeroom. With a wide range of wire shelving on the market and it’s important to note the differences in application and material construction.

Stainless Steel Shelving

Stainless Steel Shelving units are suitable for coolrooms, freezer rooms, dry storage and any other location where moisture may be present. CRH Australia’s Stainless steel shelving units have a 230kg per shelf rating and are available in 16 sizes. You’ll find our Casifit Stainless Steel Shelving in some of the finest restaurants in the country where average is simply not an option. Check out our range here.

Galvanised Shelving

Galvanised Shelving is more suited for dry storage. Its strong epoxy coating lasts in the toughest environments and adds to its corrosion resistance. Like our Stainless Steel offerings, our Casifit Galvanised Shelving units have a super tough 230kg load rating. It’s super flexible too. Shelves are adjustable in 25mm increments and we stock 24 different sizes ready for fast delivery. Check out our range here.

Powder Coated Shelving

CRH Australia’s Powder Coated shelving units are suited for both freezers and coldrooms. The powder coat corrosion resistant finish makes these units ideal for coolrooms requiring a cost effective, long lasting solution. With a slightly lower load rating at 150kg, Casifit Powder Coated shelves are particularly suited to the smaller operators. Check out our range here.

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