03244 Mastic -Non-Skinning White Colour.

03244 Mastic

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03244 Mastic
Makrete Panel Mastic is a butyl-based non sagging, non-skinning gunnable small joint sealant that provides excellent moisture resistance. It has been designed for use in Coolroom construction, refrigerated container components and other types of insulation panels. It is suitable for applications requiring a non-skinning, durable and permanently plastic sealant.
  • Safe on polystyrene coolroom panel.
  • Excellent barrier to moisture vapour.
Color: White
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  • Excellent low temperature properties
  • Non-skinning 
  • Will not separate or bleed on non-porous substrates
  • Mould and mildew resistant 
  • Non-corrosive
  • Gunnable 
  • Non-sagging
  • Excellent adhesion to many substrates 
  • Cool room construction and sealing
  • Refrigeration unit construction
  • Insulation panel construction
  • Concealed lap joint applications 
Each cartridge will give approximately 15 lineal meters of a 5mm bead.

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