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Strip Door Curtains

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Strip Door Curtain

Our patented Easimount® PVC Strip door curtains are available in 2mm thick x 100mm wide strips or 3mm thick x 150mm wide strips. 

The strips are supplies with their patented cups pre-assembled for you at 2 standard lengths; 2260mm or 3000mm, simple trim to your desired length with a box knife.

Check out our installation video below to see how simple they are to install.

It is important that you choose the correct application below for your strip curtain as freezer grade material is different due to the temperature conditions.

PVC Strip Door Curtains are ideal for Temperature Retention, Pest Control, Dust Control and Noise Isolation. The Easimount® PVC Strip System is so simple and no manufacturing delay, we will dispatch your kit within 24hrs.

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Choose a door curtain size that best suits your door opening, try to achieve an overlap on each side of 30 - 50mm. The Easimount® PVC Strip  curtain has a strong face mounted aluminium headpiece. Our PVC strips with patented fittings are effortless to install or replace. Simply set the height required and trim the strips with a sharp box knife. Stainless steel fasteners are supplied for your convenience along with screw spacers should you require your curtains to be clipped down at the end of the day. Studies show that the installation of a strip door curtain can reduce your energy costs by 9 - 15%. TIP: Purchase an extra Easimount® PVC Strip Fastener Kit and hang the curtain up on a spare wall at night to keep it clean. *** Custom made Curtains available on request ***